If you get a chance just play the Arcade Varriant of the game and forgo this one

User Rating: 4.5 | Primal Rage SNES
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Learning Curve: 1 hour

Score: 4.5 out of 10

It was a dark night, during the fall of 1995. Kelso was getting inundated with rain that year flooding was really bad so of course it was pouring rain when I went to collect for my paper route I got home for signing up a new customer I was rewarded 5 dollars (Chance was I could have made 50 but I had a feeling it was all 5's) so I took the money and braved going back out into the rain I went to the store that also specialized in renting games the name of the store was Tops (It's no longer here) I went into the video rental department soaking wet I went straight to where I normally go.....that's right I went to the games and the lady was putting out games that were returned that day and I saw one that I didn't see before because it was checked out all the time, that's right Primal Rage so before she could put it on the shelf I snatched it mainly because a girl who I had a beef with at school and who was a avid game player was in the area also I wanted it call me selfish but I got it, so I rented it for 3 days at the standard $2.99 plus tax I started my trek home facing unrelenting rain (Turns out a major storm was entering Kelso) I got home and of course my mom made me take a warm shower and got dressed in dry clothing before I could even play my game so after a half hour of getting a nice steaming hot shower I was ready I sat down in front of my trusty old 13 yr old TV and I started to play the game. I know that there was a Primal Rage game released for the arcade I've played it so I know what I was expecting, now the concept of crappy ports didn't really dawn on me the only time I saw a crappy port was for the T2 Arcade game for the GB, I started to play this game and it was evident from the beginning that this was going to be a bad port, it was primal rage for all intense and purposes but it just ......sucked. The major down draw was the fact that I didn't have that little helpful card that was attached to the arcade version of the game to help me with moves so I was basically pounding buttons to try and do the special moves, I don't think a players guide even came out for that game if it did it would have helped. The next down draw was the graphics I know it was a port but it just looked bad. The only thing I could learn to do was eat the people and that was a hassle in itself. The one good thing was they kept all the characters and backgrounds of the arcade variant. I had high hopes for this game and I'll admit I was very disappointed. I wanted to give this game a high score but I just can't. and for that it gets a 4.5 out of 10.