Doom 3 made the bar, and Prey smacked its ugly head on it

User Rating: 7.2 | Prey (Collector's Edition) X360
When I first saw Prey (in 2004) I thought "Meh, just another FPS"

But at E3 '05 and '06 this game began to grab my attention more and more with it's innovations of weapons, gameplay, and all other FPS basics.

So I expected this game to possibly rival the greatest FPS of all-time (in my opinion), Doom

But this game is a complete letdown

Graphics- Even on an HDTV everything looks bland and muddy, do not be fooled by the pre-rendered trailers

Sound- *Smack* *Thud* *Walk* That's it

Value- $60 for less than 10 hours on campaign and a broken down, laggy multiplayer should be a $40 title

Tilt- Portals are cool and work fine, but the load times and horrbile voiceovers really killed it for me

Gameplay- Yes, the guns look cool and different, but I can think of about 10-15 weapons from other FPSs that are way better

Overall, it's alright, but the hype on this game made the developers think that they could slack off. 10 years for this? I coulda sworn this could less than 1 year by it's overall polish

Rent it, but if u pre-ordered it, i feel bad for u