Innovative and boring, boring, boring

User Rating: 7 | Prey PC
What a wasted effort this game! You can almost hear it in the voices of the voice actors in the final moments of the game. On the up side, there is nothing in the game to really frustrate you at all. It's pretty and it's got some good level design. The walkways that allow you to walk on walls and ceilings are great, playing on your sense of gravity and up and down is fun, but it's not enough. There is no challenge, zero, nada. You can't die. Imagine this: you get offered immortality for your allegiance at some point , but you're immortal already!! D'oh. You will travel to the spirit world where the spirits of your Cherokee ancestors live and you have to complete challenges, or so they say.... Forget it; no challenge, not anywhere. It's really a shame, the game feels polished, high production values, nice setting etc. etc. It's just so very bland.