A different FPS, and that's fine.

User Rating: 8 | Prey PC
Prey was one of the biggest suppresses of the last years for me, and I venture to say that it is one of the best games of the genre FPS, I did not play the Prey of 2006, but I became interested after playing this current Prey, I played waiting for a FPS Generic, but besides having a different storyline is great (even with some holes), the game is very different, you will not have moments of frantic action, there are moments that the best thing to do is to escape, since the game Is difficult, has complicated times, has a good variety of enemies, the game remembers what I consider the best FPS ever made Half-Life 2, and also the masterpiece BioShock, the game has a tense atmosphere, there are moments that can Put a little fear in the player, the environment is closed, and there are many places to go, in talking about it reminded me of the Doom in this aspect, both the map as well as the Upgrades, and when you find a new weapon, and will have many Areas that you will return, a problem is the excess of Loading, even in the PC the loa Ding are a little time consuming, and in the PC version had some audio problems, but I think they have already fixed, the gameplay is good, and the soundtrack works, the game more than 1 final, and I think the game will have A sequel (a lot for that), Prey is one of the best games of the year, and one of the best FPS of recent times, with elements of RPG, and others inspired by Half-Life and BioShock, the game fulfills its role, and It is not the generic FPS that many people thought (including me). Note 86