Huge disappointment, couldn't have seen a more generic game in years

User Rating: 2 | Prey PC
Huge fan of prey 1, which is part of the reason I'm downgrading the review. If you know the story of how much Bethesda and arcane studios butchered the original prey 2, because it was now "up to their standards", then they made an entirely new game that looks like it's running on the source engine. Graphically it's atrocious. Gamelan and weapons and clunky. The aliens are somewhat representative of a modern game, but the rest looks like it's stuck in early 2000s timewarp. Prey, the first game, looked better. Look at the buildings in the opening sequence. They are rectangular blocks with textures over them. Prey was an incredibly technically advanced game, it pushed the boundary in many technological aspects. It was also a psychological thriller. New Prey has none of this. It's just a generic space fps grinder like dead space.