Prey Bio Shock in Space!

User Rating: 8 | Prey PS4

So i think the best way to describe prey is bio shock in space! Is it as good for its time as bio shock was? Well no.. But it doesn't mean its not a great game! The game takes place on a space station called Talos 1 and you play as a character called Morgan Yu who is in charge with his brother on Talos 1! You wake up and everything's gone to shit and you cant remember anything the game has you figuring out what happened and has you deal with many decisions with none of them being right or wrong which leads to multiple endings and is constantly changing what's happening on Talos 1! Without ruining anything the story was interesting and kept me hooked the whole way through with there being multiple plot twists! None of them were mind blowing but they kept things interesting!

The first half of this game is pretty hard to be honest even though I played it on normal which isn't bad! If you take your time with this game and don't rush it'll make it easier for you! Your fighting an enemy race called the Typhon in this game, there are many different types of them and if you take your time to research them and figure out there weaknesses it'll make the game a lot easier then running in guns blazing! The combat is a lot of fun cause there are so many ways you can tackle situations and the skill tree allows for many different upgrades and play styles! To upgrade skills you need to find neuro modes which can be found scattered throughout Talos 1! I found myself upgrading health, hacking abilities, infantry space and strength first! The hacking abilities allowed me to get into rooms and get valuable items I couldn't have otherwise got! and trust me your gonna want to collect everything you can cause all items are useful for something like crafting! And your gonna do a lot of crafting seeing as everything is scarce on Talos 1! I found myself collecting everything then bringing all the items to Machine called the recycler which gives you materials for crafting items which then you can use on what you think you need from all types of ammo to med kits and neuro mods! Iv heard people complaining about not enough ammunition to I found if your smart and you know what your doing you can avoid this problem the game also has stealth so if you find an encounter might be too hard you can always sneak around letting you pick your battles!

The game has you moving throughout the entire space station the first half of the game will have you discovering all the different areas in Talos 1 and you'll be slowly moving through it collecting everything and exploring every part of it. The game also has a lot of optional content you can read through emails and notes lying around giving all the people on the station more history and backstory if that's your sort of thing. Once you get through the first half of the game all the areas connect and you start jumping between the areas a lot more in the second half of the game which can start to get pretty annoying as there is a decent loading screen between each area breaking up the experience and getting really annoying! Its sort of an open world game almost with side objectives included which are usually fun to do as well you don't have any boring fetch quests but the only problem is sometimes the objective marker doesn't show up or doesn't make it clear were you have to go also making it frustrating at times! I also found the game has you flying around in zero gravity doing combat a few times for me I sorta found the controls and doing these parts frustrating but yer that could just be me some people might enjoy that! The games graphics also aren't the most impressive but they aren't bad either they have a nice crisp look to them and I don't think the game needs to be the most impressive looking game either! Prey has taken me roughly 16 hours taking my time and doing most side quest if I tried to do everything it had to offer you might be able to add another 2 to 4 hours I think!

So I guess bottom line is this game is defiantly worth a pick up and if you love any of the bioshock games id say this is a must get! This game gets an 8.7 from me I think it just misses the superb mark! I think some of the low scores reviewers are giving this game are uncalled for but I guess everyone to there own opinion :)