Prey for a Sequel

User Rating: 9 | Prey PC

It's difficult to find any fault with Prey apart from perhaps the game would not suit a controller for console players. The first 30 minutes pulled me in with it's intriguing twist and from then on the game just gets better and better as you explore and explore you definitely should in order to appreciate the quality of this game. I have heard people saying they are finding the game too difficult but having just finished my first play through in 47 hours on nightmare I can say it was a bit of a challenge but nothing excessive. Maybe it's not for newish gamers (last 10 years) because unlike most games these days Prey doesn't hold your hand as you are required to pay attention to what you see and read through the game. Also the ending was clever and unexpected. I don't normally play through games more than once but I will with Prey because the skill trees allow different styles of play. A must buy for those with good taste.