The only game of titus that makes you forget the past mistakes like superman 64

User Rating: 8 | Prehistorik Man GBA
A port of the 1995 game Prehistorik who is really a sequel of the pc game Prehistorik 2, this game has more puzzles, item collecting, and moves that the ones from pc, it begins like any other game but then you get addicted to it.: these are the differences between the snes and gba version :

Differences :
+Password system( in the snes version you had to play the game in one sit...and thats difficult)
+ New soundtrack ,to me the new music is a hell better really the GBA never ceases to surprise me in the music department

- the iceberg level was stripped out of the game i dont know why
- there are some minor glitches with some enemies and bosses ( in the first boss fight you cannot jump forward because of some invisible sprite collision with the boss)

anyway this is a very good game and a masterpiece you won´t forget soon.