Great rts that is different from other rts games.

User Rating: 8.5 | Praetorians PC
Great rts that is different from other rts games.
Unlike other rts like command and conquer you can't collect resources you must take over villages and build units from it, you have limited numbers of people to make units from so you need to find new villages, there is also no really base building, you need to build garrisons to take over villages and you can also build towers.
The missions are as difficult as the rest of the game there are a lot of missions, there are great voice actors and nice cutscenes.
And the game looks good to, and has a lot off music and great sound effects.
There are 3 factions each with different units and playstyles.
The romans have the best strategies and their units cost les people but are weaker.
The egyptians have also got weaker units but they cost less people and they have got the best special abilities.
The barbarians have got the best units but they take long to make and they cost a lot off people.
There is Lan and Online play and an offline skirmish, the computer is incredibly difficult to beat.And there are a lot off maps to play on.
You can build garrisons, defensive towers, battle rams and catapults.
The graphics are great the beautifull landscapes and arrows that fly around are great.