Great strategy without needless gathering resorces!

User Rating: 9.1 | Praetorians PC
I said it all above, if you play strategy games just to see your workers gathering food or lumber this is not a game for you. In this game the most important thing is strategy and that is it. The only resource in the game is the amount of villagers in the village from which you draft your troops. I gave the difficulty hard, because it takes some time to find out which type of unit is good against which type, the advantage of higher ground, not to mass your troops in one big raiding party( here catapults rock! ). Although the singleplayer is good, the multiplayer is the reason to buy this game, since there is no better combatant that another human. And you will have a great smile when your opponent makes a mistake, something the computer does not make. A definitive download if you buy the game is the Imperial mod that adds a few new races to the game.