Powerslave, aka Exhumed: a forgotten game

User Rating: 8.6 | PowerSlave PS
I was very surprised when I wanted to add this game to my collection and I couldn’t find it in GS database; after a little search I realized Powerslave in Europe is known as Exhumed.
Anyway, I’m shocked to notice that this game is so little considered!
In PS section is missing everything (reviews, images, videos…), in PC section GS score is 5,6 and in SATURN section 5,4: why so low scores!?
I played this game in summer of ’97 and I have great memories about Exhumed (sorry, but I prefer this title!), and it’s unfair to almost forget it!

Graphics are good, with brilliant colours that remind me Serious Sam game, and environments are very different each other, you’ll fight and shoot in narrow passages as well as in open spaces, like the Set Arena, on land, in water and in the air too, by using some special ancient artefacts that will allow you to swim under water, to walk on lava, to pass magnetic fields, to jump higher, to plane down, to fly.
A feature I really appreciate is the possibility to move in a map: differently from other fps in fact you don’t proceed through levels in a linear sequence, because there are some obstacles on your path that will force you to return later, with those special artefacts I mentioned before.
You can shoot with human weapons and with magic ancient items too.
The story is interesting as well, mixing archaeological adventure, Egyptian mythology (Set, Selkis…) and modern science fiction.

Music is always fit to locations and situations, when you are going to fight against a boss you’ll realized it because music gets scary, in other levels it’s rocking or folkloristic (reminds me of Cairo streets and markets…), and sound effects are satisfying too (just think about the lava sounds, the noises in Hecket marsh, the voices of your foes… apart from the shouting scorpions, I admit it’s a detail that could have been omitted).
Even on a PS the action is always fluent and quick, both when shooting and when jumping, running or flying.

And, finally, Exhumed is a game full of secrets, because you’ll get crazy trying to find all of the programmers’ and developers’ little statues.
So, why is this game so underappreciated!?