An old classic, one of the best first-person shooters i have played. Pure genius.

User Rating: 9 | PowerSlave PS
Powerslave/exhumed is an old classic that really hit big I thought, although all enemies were 2D for the time it was brilliant and much better than doom, as you went through the game you gained tonnes of different weapons and special artefacts that made you better at getting to more places and killing. Starting out the game. In the beginning of the game it shows you where you entered this temple thing your in and the only weapon you have is a small scimitar, as you go through some area you come across your first gun, which for some strange reason, just happens to be lying on the floor in an ancient Egyptian temple. All the guns you come across through-out the game are found in a different level and sometimes need certain artefacts to access them.

The thing that was so good about this game was that the maps were so large and that after about 3 levels you couldn’t get any further so you had to think back to a level earlier with a place you could not reach, for instance you could use the high jumping sandals to reach a certain part of a level you could not before.

Bosses were extremely good for the time because they were just so creepy and although not very intelligent it was pretty easy to die against them. The last boss was awesome and I could imagine it in today’s graphics, it would have ruled as a boss. This was the climax to the storyline because you had basically crashed in this ancient temple and your computer had been scattered all across the levels, if you did not have all the pieces you would have to die but if you did have it you could get a lift out of there.

Overall I think that they should remake the game because the whole concept was just amazing and it would really do well in today’s market.