Power stone is a "solid" fighter. huh huh solid, you see , cause'a the stone but yep ,yep I went there.

User Rating: 7.5 | Power Stone DC
Power stone may not look that good and dosent break any boundraies but its still a decent fighter that you can enjoy playing with your mates or drying the very difficult story mode. sum very strange charcters in this like jack the ripper. werid as like. but this game is allot fo fun, with cool weapons, cool moves, cool characters and cool stages this game is allot of fun to mess about with but dont be expecting too much from its linear gameplay, but i suppose what game isint linear in the fighting genre. i really think this game will be completley forgot about in a few years, like not even a reckord of it ever excisitng so i found a copy in my room yesterday and just decied to give a final trip down memenory lane to give you fine people a review of one the most enjoyable dreamcast games made.

since i cant think of any thing else to right im just gonna say the word scrubs a few times, s c r u b s , s c r u b s. s c r u b s. mmmm better