The beginning of a promising franchise.....

User Rating: 8.8 | Power Stone DC
This game is about all out brawling in the wackiest fashion. Two fighters are placed in an almost completely interactive environment. You two beat up each other by using your own moves, to throwing or beating your opponent with any object you get your hands on. The attraction of the game however, is the powerstones themselves.

In each stage powerstones appear. Each character starts with a powerstone in their possesion. If you manage to have 3 powerstones, your character will transform into a powerful entity based on that characters personality. For a short time that character wil posess powerful strength and attacks.

With that in mind each fighter will be duking it out as well as trying to make sure they're the first to have all 3 stones if they know whats good for them. Making this a very frantic game.

One of the many jewels of the late Dreamcast, and a worthy purchase.