Power Rangers Super Samurai Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Create an ID Card A Samurai in the making
    Successfully attack Gigertox 3 times in a row during a Megazord Battle Armed for battle!
    Complete Levels 1 through 4 in Breaking Challenge single player Breaking Training Complete
    Use the Bullzooka Bullzooka Blast!
    Defeat a MegaMonster using only counterattacks. Counter Victory
    Defeat Dayu as Pink Ranger Dayu's final song
    Prevent Splitface from exploding during a Ranger mission Defuse the situation
    Perform 10 or more Excellent moves while Training Excellente!
    Successfully attack Deker 3 times in a row during a Ranger Battle Fast, brave and lucky
    Train with the Gold Ranger Gold Power
    Defeat an enemy group that tried to mount a special attack in a Ranger mission Hold it right there, Nighlok!
    Have a Megazord or MegaMonster appear during Training Megazord mobilized!
    Complete a Megazord Battle without taking damage Megazord perfection
    Complete all Training Stages with the Nighlok Mooger Training... Complete?
    Use the 5-Disc Cannon Now that's teamwork!
    Don't let the enemies that appeared during the power outage escape Perceive that not seen
    Defeat an enemy group that has an item in a Ranger mission Power Disc
    Complete all Super Samurai achievements Power of the Ancestors
    Defeat 4 or more enemies with one finishing move Quadruple Slash?
    Complete all Training Stages with all Rangers Ranger Training Complete
    Take a photo with all of the Rangers Rangers Together, Smile Forever!
    Avoid Rofer's spin attack three times in a row in a Ranger mission Read the enemy's moves and react
    Break more than 7 bricks at once Samurai Break!
    Perform 5 top-speed chops in Breaking Challenge Samurai Chop!
    Complete a Ranger mission without taking damage Samurai Perfection
    Clear Game on Kids Level in Ranger Mode Samurai Victory
    Clear Game on Hard Level in Ranger Mode Shogun Victory
    Take a photo with all of the Megazords Smile, we are united!
    Defeat a Spitfang with its own fireball in a Ranger Battle Spitacular
    Hit Serrator in a Ranger mission before taking an attack from him Strike first, finish later
    Defeat Serrator Stroke of Fate
    Become a Super Samurai Super Samurai Mode!
    Clear Game on Normal Level in Ranger Mode Super Samurai Victory
    Complete all the Ranger symbols Symbol Master
    Write a Samurai symbol for the first time Symbol Power!
    Set a Personal Record above 300 bricks Tameshiwari Expert
    Defeat Splitface Team Spirit
    Defeat Gigertox The great duel
    Train with a secret Red Ranger The new Red Ranger
    Defeat Deker as the Red Ranger The ultimate duel
    Defeat Dayu in a Ranger mission without taking one hit from her poison bullets or mist Toxic Evader
    Have a Megazord or MegaMonster appear five times during Training Training just went Mega Mode!
    Do a Synchronized Attack on a MegaMonster Two Rangers in perfect sync!
    Avoid all Xandred's attacks in a Megazord Battle Untouchable
    Defeat Master Xandred VICTORY IS OURS!
    Collect all badges You are a true Samurai Ranger!
    Defeat Rofer with Red Ranger and Green Ranger (Co-op) You can do anything as a team

    Contributed by: Guard Master