This game is worth playing but can also be boring for some....Here are some reasons why

User Rating: 9 | Post Mortem PC
Wow Post Mortem... This game sure brings back nice memories.
This is a good adventure game. It has a pretty interesting story - two Americans get decapitated in a hotel when Gus McPherson (your game character) jumps into action and investigates the murder, being hired by a mysterious beautiful young lady...and the rest is history :)
Well let's start with the:
-Gameplay: which is very basic for today's adventure point and click games, but at the time it was something new for me and i really got a kick out of playing it.
- the Background music: is pretty good, even though it kind of gets old at a point, seeing at it's played over and over again.
- The Story: is pretty interesting and can be immersing, though not a breakthrough, it's basically the investigation of the double murders that take place in the Hotel Orphe. The one thing that i really appreciated in the game is that at one point you can chose from going on one path or the other in the investigation but this is only according to how you play the game up to a certain point (you'll see;) )
- The Game Puzzles : not that many and not that difficult( ex. the one in the basement of a secret order) , even though i got stuck on one the first time i played this game (i was pretty young so give me a break :) )
- Overall : this is a game that may appeal to some adventure lovers or it may as well not because the story line is pretty straight forward, the mystery isn't that great, but if you like playing roles in times past and you like a good Agatha Christie tale i'm sure this game will appeal to you seeing as it has vague similarities.
And a tip for those who liked this game is to play Still Life which follows up sort of where Post Mortem left off (you'll see what i mean if you play the game-have fun :) )