Its not really a puzzle game, more of a dialogue driven adventure, which can get a bit boring but has some nice moments

User Rating: 7 | Post Mortem PC
I played this for the 2nd time this week to give it a bit of a better overlook for a review. It had been 6 years since i found it in the bargain section of a store and decided to buy it and give it a poke. I think i would have given it a higher grade back then, as I've been treated well the last few years with games like Syberia, Still Life, Dreamfall etc. setting my standards higher.

If you expect a proper adventure game, you will be very dissapointed. This is pretty much a dialogue driven film-noir thriller, but instead of watching it on a dvd, you participate in it by deciding what your character says from the options you get. There are a few puzzles in the game, a handful. But its mostly pixel hunting you do in between the endless chats you make with the various, and may i add ...well voiced characters. This game would have been unbearable if it had suffered from horrible voice-acting.

The game looks dated, even though i personally found the character emotions and movements a lot better then the very recent Still Life 2. But it was amusing to run into various cardboard cutout looking people sitting in a bar. like being in the house of wax. But besides that, the game's story kept me interested, even for a 2nd play-through, altough there are parts where you really need a lot of patience or you'll end up bored out of your mind. The story can be explained as Broken sword, dipped in a thick layer of noir with a very dark undertone. Don't expect much humor in this game.

As this game is seen as the first of the Still life trilogy, ill have to add that this is the 2nd best in that trilogy. The first Still Life is still the best of the 3, and i prefer to deny the existence of Still Life 2