Review of Portal (PC)

User Rating: 9 | Portal PC

Portal (PC) is definitely a great game, and without a doubt there were some difficult puzzles-- no-- quite a lot. Most of GlaDOS' tests for me were hard, yet I was able to pass them. Then there was this one room that was impossible for me to proceed through. Regardless, I liked the overall plot, with Chell waking up and locating the Portal Guns with the blue and orange portals, and using them to advance through multiple levels of challenges which would be impossible to complete without the Portal Gun. Also, the idea of using Portals to warp from one side of the room to the other side was AWESOME. It sometimes makes me wish that I had a Portal Gun of my own. That would be cool!! Anyway, my overall rating of Portal (PC) is 9/10. Great plot and gameplay, and the quality of the game was great. I would recommend this game to anyone that wants a game with a little challenge, so that it's not too easy, yet at the same time, not too hard.