Fantastic Story, Great Game And So Much FUN!!!

User Rating: 9 | Portal 2 PC
I often go on about how much I like or dislike the story in games as I find that point to be very important. Portal 2 takes my love of the story to a whole new level, not only was the script wonderful and witty but the voice acting was possibly the best I have ever experienced in any game to date. I laughed so much I cried at times with the banter of the characters. I cannot express just how much fun I had just listening. As for game play, it is wonderful and refreshing, the "tests" become gradually harder challenging you to think outside the box at times. I have placed this game as one of my top ten favorites of all time as the combination of story, voice acting, graphics and game play all add up to a sensational gaming experience.
The only drawback I can name is the length of the main story, I finished in around 8 hours and I couldn't help but feel sad, I just wanted more. After two more play through's I still feel sad when I finish as I just want to stay in the world that Valve created. I would buy Portal 2 again without batting an eyelid, this game needs to be played and shared with all your friends. My hat goes off to the team at Valve, this release is sensational.