Kids in school should be made to play it ... !!

User Rating: 10 | Portal 2 PS3

Portal 2 is a amazing creative experience - not only in the massive amount of puzzles to solve but also in the look, feel, atmosphere and comedy.

This is no shoot 'em up experience, there is a threat from the super computer Glados but all in all it is there to provide some action and lots of comedy one liners.

I've said in the title kids should be made to play it - only from the point of view that it really engages your brain cells in working things out - it progresses nicely so you are not overwhelmed but then you might get stuck and it could take alot of working out and attempts to move on. One night my son and I ended up figuring something out over dinner - much to the confusion of every one else - and then went and tried it out immediately afterwards.

Getting Stephen Merchant to voice Wheatley was genius, I'm from Englands west country so this was perect for me!