Portal 2 PS3 PC Activation Code?

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I recently purchased Portal 2 for PS3 and apparently you're supposed to get an activation code to play it on Steam for PC. I purchased the Platinum edition and I was wondering if I was meant to get the activation key for Steam on the PC, because I didn't get one. Thanks.
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Same, I thought it was a problem with the copy I got, so I took it back to the store and the assistant said that none of their copies have activation keys. So, I went elsewhere and bought a sealed copy, still no key. It says on the box that includes free access to play on PC/Mac, so there should be a code in there. I have a ticket open with Valve at the moment. I'll let you know how I go.
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Same here. I can do one better though. Guy at EB games phoned the local stock distributor who said none of their stock had any keys. Seems the entire production run is messed up. I also have a ticket with steam, to whom I explained the situation, but my hopes are not high.
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The Steam support team seem to be having some problem understanding the problem (or even understanding the clear english in my original email for that matter). If I can't get a resolution I'll lodge a complaint with NSW department of fair trading. I think their packaging is pretty clearly misleading and deceptive.
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I'm in the same boat... bought a copy from JB and it's missing the activation key (as were all the copies in the store), got my own ticket open with Steam...

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hey guys was just wondering if u found out about the pc code? was thinking of buying portal and wanted to play ps3/pc with my bro :) thanks