A solid platformer.

User Rating: 7 | Popeye NES
Popeye was a single screen, non-scrolling platformer style game that came out for most systems available in the 1980's. It was based on Popeye the cartoon character. What ever happened to him? The goal of the game was to run around the screen, collecting a certain number of items, while avoiding hazards, mainly Brutus. Depending on the level, the items you had to collect were either hearts, letters, or musical notes. The screen was set up similar to Donkey Kong or the old Mario Bros., where you can walk back & forth and climb stairs or ladders. You can harm and waylay Brutus by knocking a barrel on his head, or eating spinach and then beating his ass. But either way, it only stalls him for a few seconds, then he starts bullying Popeye again. You can also throw punches, but they don't harm Brutus, so there's really no point. Most of the game centered on reaching the anorexic Olive Oyl. Swee' Pea and Wimpy also make guest appearances in the game. All in all, it's not a bad platformer. It's from an era when license tie-ins weren't automatically cheap rip-offs.