simple party game. dont expect anything deeply complex or engrossing... but its addictive as sex ok maybe im exagerating

User Rating: 8 | Pop WII
laziest review theres bubbles , you pop em, up to four players. you can upload your score and see rankings. theres power ups and items that can work against you. its so simple that anyone can play it. especialy in the practice chill mode that doesnt keep score or have a time restriction. this is one of those wii games that people who arent really into video games will like. ill admit i got this game partly to entertain chicks. but i found myself one night unable to stop playing it for a while. id say its worth the cost to be the bubble boss. (yeah i know that was lame) the graphics give off a relaxing vibe. next time i have a house party ill make sure i have the game running. if your the type of anal geek to complain that the game is shallow then your not as smart as you think you are. take a chill pill its not supposed to be final fantasy whatever, or even tetris in fact. its just fun. n yeah i have tested it and the chicks do dig it.