PoR eh? Well it's VERY hard.

User Rating: 7.4 | Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor (Collector's Edition) PC
PoR is a good game with a lil Warcraft in the mix, but just a tad bit. Not much, but still a lil. It is fun and great map and good idea, but this game is SOOOOOOOOOO HARD. Most wont be able to get 5 minutes into this game without gettin stuck and thinking, wow wtf is this? But like i said for Fallout2, if you have the super power of playing the RPG and all of it's hardest games(hint hint, PoR, Fout2, BG2). It's so difficult that the creators tested it and they got stuck a numerous amount of times and had to look over the game completly to find out what is going on. But they never switched it once it had been made because it took so long to make and they were pressed to get it out. But they shore did make an accomplishment for the right player, but for the normal 4-5 hour gamer in a day, don't get this. Now if you are like WoW players and devote the whole day to games when you get it and master it then this may be interesting to play. May even get you into a few movies.