User Rating: 9.2 | Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor (Collector's Edition) PC
Simply put, until TOEE arrives it's the only turn-based DD3 CRGP available. Ok, so that's not a glowing endor****t, but for old-time P&P RPG'ers like me who want some alternatives to the large number of real-time games out there POR2 represents a welcome choice. For those people who don't like turn-based combat, this game is not for you. Not only does this game have turn based combat, but the combat is somewhat slow-paced and there's plenty of it. It's not unlike most modern CRPGs, because at its core it's an RPG combat simulator with a simple story and a foozle to kill at the end of the dungeon. While this obviously cannot compare to live DD3 sessions for story and interaction, it is a fun dungeon romp for those few of us left that think that turn-based combat in CRPGs and in strategy games is generally the most fun. You can probably find this game in bargain bins on the Internet for $10.00 or less. At that price, if you like turn-based CRPGS, my advice to you would be to ignore the negative reviews and pick up this game. There's a reason this game is rated just over 5. There's a large group of turn-based fans who like the game and large group of real-time only fans who hate it. Plus a number of negative reviews were for version 1.0. The game is now patched up to version 1.4 which has removed most of the bugs and other problems in the game. So if you could remove all of the low scores for bug issues that have since been fixed and removed all of the "I hate turn-based (because it's too slow)" flame ratings of 1.0, you'd probably end up with lots of scores from people like me who enjoy CRPGs, enjoy turn-based combat, and who played the game with version 1.4 and enjoyed it. I'd guess the average score in that group would be between 8.0 and 9.0. If you fit in that group, get this game, you'll enjoy it.