anyone remember how to install 1.4 patch??

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Does anyone remember how to install the 1.4 patch for Poool Of Radiance ruins of myth drannor??

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I wonder if you have not figured it out in 1 month... but it seems, that patch does not start automatically as it is in other games.



1. Start pool14patcheng.exe(if it is in archive - extract it).

2. Click on Browse and change extract path(otherwise it will extract patch in temporary files directory and good luck of finding anything in that chaos). I prefer to extract patch to game directory, but then I do not install games under Program Files, but have it under games directory.

3. execute BAP_Installer.exe and install patch - I'm wondering if you actually need it to place in game folder - it seems, that it could be executed from any directory, if patch gathers information about installed game from registry files.