Pong is a basic game, but highly enjoyable nonetheless

User Rating: 8.5 | Pong: The Next Level PS
The Good: Power-ups, quirks, abnormal stages, fun

The Bad: Normal matches can get boring, a bit easy

full review: I'd never played an old Pong, and I don't know why i decided to play this one, but I'm glad I did. The game is great fun, especially the double battles and the football penalty shootout. The quirks in the stadiums and exclusive power-ups add to the fun, as do some of the abnormal stages, the ones where you don't score 10 points to win. The multiplayer is great too. I even managed to get my mum playing videogames with this! That is, until I beat her in 20 consecutive matches... However, other abnormal stages can be surprisingly frustrating (like Henhouse Surprise) and Single-player normal games can get a bit dull, but not until a long time, so you'll be entertained for days!