A train-wreck.

User Rating: 3 | Police Quest: SWAT PC
This is the only game in the Police Quest series that I didn't absolutely love. As a matter of fact, I completely hated it. This was basically the transition game from the old point & click Police Quest adventure games into the current tactictal shooter type game, although this would hardly qualify as a tactical shooter. I'm not sure exactly what this game would qualify as, other than a total let down. I couldn't figure out what to do, and if you make one wrong click it's game over. The controls are really bad, you basically click what you want your person to do, then you lose all control as the action plays out. You have to click on the right spot, or you screw up & die or kill an innocent person. It's basically trial and error. The SWAT games since this one have been huge improvements (except maybe SWAT 2, I don't remember that one). But if you're a Police Quest fan that wants to go back and play all the old games, leave this one off your list, it will only disappoint.