A really authentic Police sim and the translation from Police Quest to SWAT.

User Rating: 9.7 | Police Quest: SWAT PC
This is one of my favourite games mainly because of its authenticy and realism. Now I can only really reccomend this to Police buffs because you do ndeed have to sit through lessons on how to perfrom different actions that can go on for sometimes 10 minutes. Alot of the game is spent training and honing your skills at Metro waiting for a call up. This is much like a real day in the life of a S.W.A.T. officer, and I personally really liked that paticular aspect though it can be a little annoying sometimes. You begin as a nameless rookie SWAT Pup who has just arrived at Metro ready for action. All the graphics are filmed scenarios which is really awsome, I think this is the first game I've seen do that, (well except for Police Quest 4). When you do finally get a call up a mission usually starts with you intrviewing nearby civilians while waiting for your briefing. Once your Element leader Rooker lays everything out for you and you team, you will begin the mission. The missions are very strange in that you will have absolutely no idea just what the f*ck you are supposed to do., Once you figure that out though things will progress a little and you can go onto blasting and bustong suspects. Its basically set up like a flight simulator where everything is pretty damn complicated but after a while youll get the hang of it.

I would not reccomend this t shooter fans as this is no Doom or Halo. You must follow your Element leaders orders or youll be sent back to Metro to coninue- you guessed it, More training!!!
Police buffs will love this but shooter or straight stratagy fans may not enjoy the ride as much as the true fanatics.