So much potential....

User Rating: 4 | Police Quest: SWAT PC
Ok this game had the potential to be effing amazing. I remember the scenes sitting out in the SWAT van before going into the scene was awesome. I really became nervous it was really cool. I loved interviewing everyone and getting a real feel for the scene.

The people you met and the events were orginial and stressful. BUT you had to everything perfect. It was really cool after using your firearm you were suspended and had to be investigated, etc.

The sniper rifle was impossible to use. There was no ryme or reason and always missed the shot. The commands and radio controls made no sense either.

I really wanted to love this game and spent a TON of time on this disc. The whole game is trial and error and you have to go back and do the same crap A LOT of times. This was not police quest at its finest, but it wasnt all out crap, but darn close.