One of the very many games I've played "back in the day" where video games were at infancy...

User Rating: 4.8 | Police Quest: SWAT PC
Police Quest: SWAT... not all that great. Well first off you have to realize that this game was made back, way back in 1995 when computer games were still in absolute infancy. This particular game lets you take control of a rookie LAPD SWAT Officer named Pup. At the beginning of the game, you must pass a series of tests or obstacles to be able to qualify for a spot on a SWAT team. You'll be able to be a sniper, an assaulter, and a team leader. Doesn't sound TOO bad... right? Wrong

I forgot to mention, there are no "graphics" in this game. It's all FMV, or full motion video, which displays pre-recorded video and real people. It's just like watching a movie, I guess. Really, it's not good at all.

Throughout the game, you will be "called up" to three... yes 3... different situations. You will have to enter a resident home to retrieve a hysterical old woman, depending on chance you will either get her with a gun and have to either shoot her or talk her down or she will be scared and you take her with no problem. Another scenario takes you to an abandoned wearhouse where an armed man has taken refuge, and has shot an LAPD officer. You will breach and enter the wearhouse, and depending on chance you will either get the guy holding a hostage in which you will have to take him out or you get the guy by himself and talk him down. The final scenario lets you take the position of a SWAT Sniper in which you will have to monitor terrorists in an office building. Again, depending on chance, they will either be hostile and kill a hostage or the SWAT assault team on the ground will breach and take them out. In the latter part of the game you will take command of that Assault Team as the team leader. This is the ABSOLUTE ridiculous part of the game. You will have to order commands via LASH headset to guide your team in and around the office building. YOU WILL NOT complete this part without some sort of guide or walkthrough from the internet, trust me. Any wrong move, action, or command will have repurcusions and you will be forced to redo the mission. Ridiculous, impossible to say the least.

All in all, a 4/10 in my books... the 4 points given purely because the game caries the name "Police Quest", one of the best police video game series of all time. And because it has great music in the end credits.