Shooting yourself in the face is more fun than this game

User Rating: 3.5 | Police Quest: SWAT PC
Sometimes I wonder what could have been.......

When I bought this game I was very excited. I though anything by serria...and had to do with Police Quest, had to be great. Well everynow and then a great company does make a mistake.

Graphics: This was made during the Full motion video craze. Depending on your views, the graphics could be a 10/10 or a .5/10. Well i'm toward the latter on this one. I feel that the pictures become pixilated and muddy. The more movement in the game the worse it gets. Although in defense of the FMV, it does what it is supposed to, which raises the score slightly.

Music: Bland repetitive trite.They could have done alot more with this. The only good music is when they play a bagpipe version of Amazing Grace when you die.

Gamplay: Bad.....really bad. The Headset doesn't work right. Sniping is much worse than anything in real life. And guess what? You get to spend hours at the practice range. YAY!!!!!! That and after you get the crazy grandma, you get to get her again. And don't kill will get fired...and no one wants poor "Swat Pup" to lose his job.

Fun: At first the game is fun, but once you get into the meat of the notice its terrible and no fun at all.

Overall I reccomend Swat 2 or 3...they are much better than this