One of the first puzzle games to be released and the last to utilize it's unique formula

User Rating: 5.5 | Chokkan Hitofude DS
Polarium gets straight into it and avoids the nitty gritty graphics boost other games have to implement. What I find charming about the simplicity is perhaps it's biggest downfall, but I'm not quick to judge.

You see, where other puzzle games have attempted to draw you in with story or flash, polarium strips itself nude and instead puts the challenge in your face. Simple as black and white, literally.

Polarium's challenge is straight forward - turn all the blocks the same color - without any time limit, restrictions, rules, or blockades to distract you.

I can not compare this game to any other because there's nothing else like it. In terms of puzzle game, I would say this has the same charisma as Zoo Keeper's charm, but not as complex as say Meteos. Tetris could be another comparison, but even the basic mode has been dressed up.

The low score I gave this game was not due to gameplay or fun factor. Simply put, while it's main gimmick works flawlessly, once you've completed everything there's no point in going back.