Don't let the look of Polarium deceive you, this is a puzzle game that will keep you busy for hours.

User Rating: 7.7 | Chokkan Hitofude DS
I acutally first discovered this game while I was working one day at Gamestop, and the Nintendo rep put the game in the system. At first, when I wasn't really sure how to play, I thought it was kind of stupid, but once I figured it out, it was pretty fun. I couldn't stop playing it in fact. Its a great game, and I'll tell you why. Gameplay (9/10) - This is one of the strong points in the game. Once you get past all of the possible ways to figure out the puzzles, and you can start to see how to easily destroy the lines, this game gets incredibly fun. All you have to do is turn the white panels into black panels (vice versa) on one line. Lines fall down from the top in rapid succession, and you trace your way to destroy them. It pretty simple, but difficult to master. The large pen on the DS demo unit makes the controls not very responsive, but when I got my DS, and played the full version (which is mostly the same), the Nintendo stylus worked incredibly well. There were no delays, menus were easily accessable, and everything was presented very well. Graphics (4/10) - This game has this very cold feel to it. Everything is in black in white, except the rare instance of color to clear the blocks off the screen. The blocks don't have any variety, there are no skins, and not much animation going on either. But then again, when you compare it to other games of the genre, there really doesn't need to be much in a puzzle game to make it a great game. Sound (6/10) - Not much going on in this department. The developers of the game could have made this game much better if they jampacked the game with lots of tracks since the game could go on for a while, and because they chose to simplize the graphics engine. Everything else is pretty crisp and clear though. Value (9/10) - This game is extremely fun from the moment you pick it up, to the moment you put it down. The game is challeging and fun, and the puzzles will keep you going though out the entire time you own the game. It would have been nice to see some cool unlockables, but you can't get everything you want in a game can you? Overall, this is a fun game, and although not too incredibly innovative, its one of the games you get on your DS whenever you find it in your budget to do so.