Fun but frusterating and repetitive

User Rating: 7.2 | Chokkan Hitofude DS
Polarium is a puzzle game for the Nintendo DS. The best way to describe this game is Tetris, but with drawing. The object of the game to to make lines, but instead of having to build them from falling blocks from the screen, you have to make a line of bricks that are all the same color. Doesn't sound to challeging right? Well, is Tetris challenging? The answer is yes, it is. It is also a timeless classic that will never get old. I can play Tetris until my fingers turn blue and still want more. The best thing about Tetris is the random puzzles. This is one thing that Polarium lacks, the challenge mode, in which you must clear as many lines as you can is the same set of blocks over and over. I mean, the rotation of the blocks is different, but you always see the same blocks fall in the same order. This is ok because you can eventually memorize the pattern and actually being to do well with the game. This may be the reason that the developers felt that the game's speed should be so high. Now, I'm not complaining, but its really frusterating when you start out. Think about never having played Tetris before and starting on level 7 or 8? REALLY TOUGH!! That's how I felt during my first few hours with Polarium. The other mode that is in Polarium is the Puzzle mode. In this mode you can solve 100 premade puzzles. The catch is you only get one chance to draw a line, if you can't flip all the bricks in a single line, you don't win. This is my favorite mode because it involves more thinking and less raw speed. The challenge mode is just way too fast to really enjoy for very long. Overall, fun game, worthing buying for any puzzle fan.