A nice escape from the norm.

User Rating: 8 | Chokkan Hitofude DS
Polarium may not be the most advanced puzzle game ever made but it does offer a good amount of fun. Learning to play it couldn't be easier. After the short tutorial you're ready to take on any level of challenge, but be prepared to think HARD! I can honestly say this game couldn't have been done on any other system which is the main reason we have the DS to begin with. You use the stylus in an attempt to draw one long, snaking line that will hopefully flip over the correct block to make the horizontal lines all one color. then those blocks will explode taking you into the next puzzle. This is a great concept! I don't really have any complaints with this game. Likewise, I don't really have to many awesome memories from this game either. It is simply a well made puzzle game. Simple to play, hard to beat, and fun for hours!