Polarium is the offspring of Mindsweeper and Tetris. Intellegent

User Rating: 8.5 | Chokkan Hitofude DS
Many are aware of games like Mindsweeper and Tetris. Of course, those are two classics, and now, it seems, Polarium is an instant classic as well. The simple gameplay of changing the color of boxes from white to black, black to white, with the simple stroke of the stylus is a perfect puzzle game for the DS. (Though, to elminate the boxes, you'll have to match them horizontally only.) This game brings a much needed breathe to the game release dry DS. It's masterful and smart. The puzzles at first, like most things, start of easy, but as you progress, it does get relatively hard...and you'll notice some brain teasing instances. A good sign of a very intriguing game. It's challenge mode, is exactly what it says, as blocks drop from the top screen, you are at a race to reach 1000 lines of elmination, before the blocks fill the entire screen. And the blocks do come faster as you progress, in rows of 3 - 5, sometimes, single rows. It's multiplayer is by far, it's best feature, where you compete with 1 other player, (only 1 card required as well), and you hold your DS sideways, where the right screen is your opponents view, and the left is your screen to play on. And like tetris, it's the race to elminate the blocks. It can be timed and has a best out of "5, 10" feature as well. If your looking for a really intriguing, thoughtful process puzzle game. Polarium is the way to go.