check bet check bet

User Rating: 7.5 | Poker Night 2 X360
I was interested in this game as it features a number of unlocks for boarder lands 2, i love venture brothers plus i always wanted to get my head round the actual game...

...some 12 games later and i was over a quarter of a million in debt.
poker is a hard game to win... and some times its just all about luck.

poker night 2 does a good job at providing banter with sam and max being the most charming and although clap trap from border lands is annoying as sin you expect that from him however some repeating scenes like when he goes into a loop can start to grind along with glados cold voice.
After a while with their banter you just want them to skip and get on with the game along with introducing a new character once in while.

this is a nice game for people who just want to learn the game or love it, but i would have liked it to have a bit more on the side - perhaps some character card artwork unlocks, alternative card games oh.. like 21 and a fruit machine! yes!

poker night 2 is okay but its JUST poker and a few prizes
nothing more. Good if you like card games

You'll love
- just winning
- the banter
- there's prizes!
- its got sam and max in it!
- its got Brock Samson
- its er... got claptrap

You'll hate
- losing
- same characters each time - no variations?
- no skip for when characters are just talking away and you just want to get on with the game
- those characters who bet the farm before you can even seen any cards
- not many alternative games. Just Omaha - come on! just put in a fruit machine or blackjack for us as a sub game, they're not hard to code!
- menu is very slow and unresponsive
- bugs out and stalls once in a while
- back and bet are the same frigging button! couldn't they use Y for bet??
- more unlocks please.
- better defined numbers on some of the other decks 6 and 8 can look the same sometimes.