Pokemon X&Y (&Z?) -- Is This New Pokemon Enough To Ignite The Fire Once More?

User Rating: 9 | Pokemon X 3DS


I was skeptical my first hour or so playing the game. But soon that feeling of skepticism would disappear. This is a brilliant Game. It's not just a great Pokemon game, but a genuinely interesting and fun experience for everyone looking for a light-hearted adventure.

Despite developers gracing us with new graphics technology and better aesthetics, I find myself playing less and less video games. It's something that has been happening to me recently, I don't know what it is, but seeing as how video games have always been a huge part of my life it is a bit depressing. Staring at my Steam/Games library, I just feel null.

So what did the doctor order? 50CC's of 3D nostalgia that is Pokemon X. After a good few hours of gameplay, I can confirm there is more content in this game than any other Pokemon game. There is so much on offer. The scenery is beautiful, the towns can be filled with content, and there are so many amenities I don't even know where to begin. The online is seamlessly integrated, and you can see the hundreds of people in your area (in-game) on the bottom screen and send them requests. You can do the same with friends, and even make some new ones.

But how do you make yourself stand-out from all those people? Customization of course. For the first time, you can customize almost everything about your character. There aren't as many items as you would find in something like an Animal Crossing game, but there is still definitely an impressive catalog to choose from to show off your style.

It'd be tedious to review the mechanics of the game. As most everyone knows how a Pokemon game works. It's a Turn-Based Monsters RPG where you can catch and train a huge variety of monsters. And in that respect, X & Y do it better, faster, and cleaner than any other Pokemon game all in the realm of 3D.

I've played for well over fifteen hours now, and haven't even touched the bonus content or online. Normally that would be an idiological thing to say during a review. But from another perspective it says two things. One, there is a lot of quality content in the story. And although it isn't as deep as say, black, and white, it's entertaining and filled with adventures that have you go all over Kalos. I haven't even gotten the Fifth badge yet after all this time! Two, I'm so filled with childlike excitement, I couldn't even bother waiting to finish the game to review it.

I say that because it is relevant to my situation. It has brought me out of that "There's nothing interesting to play faze" and has me scrambling all throughout my playthrough discovering new things.

Je vous remercie de tout cœur, Game Freak

(I thank you from the bottom of my heart)