Pokemon Ultra Sun Review

User Rating: 7 | Pokemon Ultra Sun 3DS

Pokemon Ultra Sun is a role-playing game that allows players to take on the role of a Pokemon Trainer in a fantasy world, where they are able to catch and collect Pokemon. During my childhood, I was a huge fan of the Pokemon television series, therefore I felt very drawn to it because of the nostalgic feel. Throughout my experience playing this game, I enjoyed going through the storyline and being able to engage myself in this fantasy world. In this version, there was definitely more content than the previous ones - having more mini puzzle games, quests to catch legendary Pokemon, and extensive post game stories.

The ultimate goal of this game is to become a Pokemon master. The storyline requires players to explore new islands which require you to complete trials that consists of puzzle games, finding specific items and battling Pokemon and other trainers. Trainers also have the choice of having a strong bond with their party by feeding them, making sure they do not faint in battles, and playing with them. In addition, it allows players to choose their party, up to six Pokemon at a time. The variety and selection of Pokemon sets players apart, because it is up to a player’s discretion on which party is best fit for them. Players can become more experienced and master skills as the game progresses by leveling up their Pokemon with statistics and learning new combat moves. The Pokemon battles are turn-based style. Thus, reaction time and hand coordination are not required in this game- drawing in a wide range of audience. I enjoy this because I lack good hand coordination. Winning battles simply requires having strong Pokemon that can attack the opponent with effective moves. Pokemon Ultra Sun is interesting because it requires lots of time and effort to progress through the game, and the storyline can only continue once you are able to surpass specific obstacles and battles. The sensation of winning battles, completing quests, and leveling up your party to become stronger is very pleasing.

Pokemon Ultra Sun is one of the most well-known role-playing games because it has a wide range of players from around the world. Players of all ages can play this game because the game’s battle styles and it’s catered to appeal to their younger audience with their vibrant and distinctive selection of Pokemon. Players do not lose experience and their objective is to gain experience and level up to the best of their ability, therefore there is no loss in this game.

The developments from 2D consoles to 3D consoles has allowed Pokemon to have better graphics. Moreover, there is a huge emphasis on cinematic presentation which allows players to watch the story unfold. I found myself becoming more engaged to the game because of this feature because it is similar to watching the series. The game’s story level and action level come together to create meaningful game moments In the narrative, you are given a mission to stop the enemy team to help the main cast characters save legendary Pokemon.This gives players a purpose to play the game and to defeat the enemy team. For example, during my progress with defeating the enemy team, I felt like I played a valuable and vital role in this game because this enemy team was trying to create chaos in the Pokemon world, and someone needed to stop them.

A huge component of Pokemon Ultra Sun is the player interaction and engagement. The beauty of video games is that it brings people together- strangers, friends, and family to interact and play on one game. In my experience, Pokemon has allowed me to meet new people and play with Pokemon with them. Back in high school, I used to play Pokemon after class. I saw a few middle school mentees playing on their Nintendo DS. This gave me the opportunity to battle them and test my skills. Pokemon has an immense impact on the video game world. The history of Pokemon and the culture surrounding it, shows that it continues to be a nostalgic game. The entire Pokemon video game franchise has been a worldwide phenomenon for over twenty years and is still ongoing. The Pokemon slogan “Gotta catch’em all” is one of the biggest goals of the game and it influences players to ultimately collect all Pokemon. Throughout the years, Pokemon has continuously encouraged their audience to interact creating a space for all Pokemon users. Today, Pokemon players from around the world can interact, battle, and trade Pokemon.The sense of community has allowed Pokemon to become immensely popular internationally because social interaction is what makes Pokemon entertaining. In today’s society, Pokemon is still loved by millions of gamers globally - especially with the production of merchandise, fanfiction, cosplay, and trading card franchise.

In Pokemon, you are able to develop and learn strategic skills for building the most efficient team to battle. These skills are developed as you gain experience. Moreover, you learn some complex arithmetic reasoning such as Pokemon statistics. Since each Pokemon has different stats, players are able to enhance these stats to either boost their battling skills or weaken the opponent’s Pokemon using specific type moves or items. In addition, players develop and improve their communication skills through community involvement. The possible risks of Pokemon should be determined through an Active User perspective method by conduction interviews and observations because it allows us to see first hand how players interact and react, and it allows us to see what kind of impact Pokemon has on their daily life.

Overall, throughout my Pokemon experience, I enjoyed playing this game because I was able to engage with this dimensional world. I felt like I became a part of this game where I had an important and fun role. I enjoyed catching new Pokemon and battling other trainers. However, I would like to note that it does feel repetitive in terms of going through routes and having to battle every trainer you come across. Thankfully, there are times when the storyline continues and you are able to engage back to the narrative. Pokemon Ultra Sun is definitely a fun and interesting game that I would recommend to anyone who would like to engage in a light-hearted game that their friends can join in too - battling friends, meeting and catching new undiscovered Pokemon and playing the post game story allows Pokemon to be more interactive and memorable.