The best climax of Pokemon games of the 3ds gen

User Rating: 10 | Pokemon Ultra Sun + Ultra Moon Double Pack 3DS

Wow! My heart is still biting fast. What a post game battle that was!

Starting from the beginning, many things of Pokemon Sun and Moon still persists but most have been modified to change the pace of the game, especially the beginning and ending. Hundreds of more pokemon of all gens are available along with the original exclusives, thus bringing more diversity. The Rotom pokedex really feels like the Rotom from the TV anime series, asking many questions now and then and giving you spectacular buffs. The Alolan Photo Club and Mantine Surf also breathes a fresh new experience different from predecessors. And not spoiling the fun, the Ultra Recon Squad does make the story more complex and Necrozma truly feels the legendary everyone is afraid of. The post game events have also been multiplied with Rainbow Rocket adding further twists. And if you ever wanted to catch the legendaries of previous gen, you won't be disappointed, I promise. Oh, and yes, you can now visit Ultra Wormhole. Details for that, I'll leave it to you.