Pokemon Trading Card Game Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Peek at all of your prize cards.

    The prize cards often come in handy while in a heated battle. The only problem is they are turned face-down, so you have no clue which card you are going to pick up after you defeat an opposing card. This is the trick to break that rule:

    First, knock out the enemy's card, and when you are told to pick up a prize, choose any one you want. Remember which card you looked at, and reset your gameboy. Choose "Continue Duel" option, and you will resume right before you knocked out the enemy's card. Pick up another prize, and repeat the process until you either find a card you need, or until you know which prizes you have. This trick can really make the difference in a duel.

    Contributed by: Payzmaykr 

  2. 60 Free Energy Cards

    The tech in the upper-right corner of the Mason Laboratory will give you 60 free energy cards if you dont have any energy cards (other than the ones in your deck). If you want, you can just make your decks chock full of energy cards and then talk to the guy.

    Contributed by: PokemanicSean 

  3. See a coin flip before it happens.

    Coin flips are not random and happen in a pre-determined order. To exploit this, use an attack, trainer card, etc. that involves a coin flip. If the flip doesn't come up what you wanted, immediately turn off the game without leaving the screen that shows the coin. Turn the game back on and select Continue Duel. The duel will be where it was immediately before you had flipped the coin, but the outcome of the very next coin flip will always be the same as the one you just saw. This trick is extremely useful because you can keep from wasting trainer cards or attacts if you flip tails, and by skipping your turn you can even guarantee that your opponent's next flip will be tails.

    Note: Do NOT try this trick on the coin flip that determines who's turn is first, as your game will NOT save.

    Contributed by: i_luv_zelda_89 

  4. Duel Machine

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the Grand Masters and get the Legendary Cards Duel Machine in Dr Mason's Lab

    Contributed by: DD2004 

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