It's like an expansion pack to the GB games (Red, Blue and Yellow) and it makes the Pokemon games so much more fun!

User Rating: 8.6 | Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 (Japan) N64
Pokemon Stadium features:

- Entertaining round based Stadium battles commented by a reporter
- You can see the Pokemon in full 3-D and they look great!
- There are four cups with different rules and the Gym Leader Castle
- You can rent Pokemon and use them in Stadium battles (150 Pokemon with the exception of Mewtwo can be chosen)
- There is a Stadium multiplayer mode
- You can play 9 different minigame. You can play them alone, against 3 CPU players or against other people. There you can win coins for your GB games.
- You can win rare Pokemon (Evee, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Squirtle, Charmander, Blubasaur, Omanyte and Kaboto) as presents every time you beat the Elite 4 and the Rival in the Gym Leader Castle! And you can transfer them to your GB games.
- There is a really helpful management system which allows you to change Pokemon and items between the different GB game's boxes and the N64 boxes very easily.
- You have access to a nice Pokedex

The Pokemon Stadium game includes a GB Transfer Pak. It can be connected to your N64 controller and it has a slot for the Pokemon GB games.

What the Tranfer Pak allows you to do:
- You can play your Pokemon GB games (Red, Blue and Yellow) on TV screen
- You can unlock a feature that allows you to play the GB games in two and three times faster speed than on GB
- You can fight in Stadium using your own Pokemon, you've caught in the GB games (Red, Blue and Yellow)
- You can trade Pokemon with other people easier and faster than by using the GB and the the link cable

I highly recommend this game to everyone who has Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow.
If you don't have any of these three GB games, you can play Pokemon Stadium too but it won't be this much fun.
Pokemon Silver, Gold and Crystal are NOT compatible to this game. (They are compatible to Pokemon Stadium 2).
And if you already have Pokemon Stadium 2, there is not much need of getting the prequel.