Pokemon Stadium

User Rating: 9.8 | Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 (Japan) N64
I played this game and I was really impresed about this game.

Gameplay: You have 150 pokemons to choose from and then you go on a league. There are really fun modes for you to play in and the attacks are really great and usefull.

Graphics: The graphics are the best graphics I have ever seen in a pokemon game. The pokemons look unbelivible and the areas are beautiful and colorful.

Sound: The sound in this game is the sound that you will want from a pokemon game. In other words, beautiful.

Value: You can play for hours and hours trying to finish the league. But still, it will be fun if it was like the pokemon in the gameboy, an RPG pokemon game.

Reviewer's tilt: Overall this game is an awsome pokemon game and you should definitely go and try this one out (If you are a pokemon fan of course).