It's not as fun as the Game Boy games, but Pokemon Stadium still packs a punch.

User Rating: 8.5 | Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 (Japan) N64
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Value: 10/10
Tilt: 7/10
Final Score: 8.4/10 (B)

I must admit I gave Pokemon Stadium a pretty average review when I first put it on Gamespot. Then again, a lot of people did. What's the deal with people calling this generic? It's Pokemon for crying out loud! It's not even a bad game, but compared to the 2D titles, we all know which one is better. Still, it did half of what Pokemon fans wanted; fighting. I wish Nintendo would make a legit RPG on a 3D console. Even so, Pokemon Stadium is solid.

I remember purchasing this game in 2000, giddy as a schoolgirl. I was underwhelmed at first, but I've been playing it more recently, and not only is there a lot of game packaged in this fine cartridge, but ALL of the Pokemon up to that time are in this game, and their attacks VARY!! Amazing!! Like most RPG/Strategy games, you don't have much control over your attacks; all you do is press the D-pad (yes, it's actually used instead of the analog stick), and press a specific button to attack. The c-buttons use different attacks. It's fun watching your pokemon attack the other, more so than the 2D games.

There's also a gym battle, but the arena's are an absolute snooze fest. They're not very creative, and I hated seeing the same repetitive scenery. But the battles more than made up for it. My favorite Pokemon to use is Zapdos, with its electric powers. There's also a fun FOUR PLAYER BATTLE MODE!! While it's basically 2 on 2, it's bound to keep your friends interested. You can even transfer your Pokemon game boy cartridge into a transfer pak and add data to the game! I happen to have a transfer pak and the Pokemon titles on the Game Boy, but I haven't done it yet.

Now, Pokemon Stadium does have its share of flaws. I hate it when I attack and sometimes it says I MISSED the Pokemon! This was common in the 2D incarnations, but these went by really fast! It's more frustrating dealing with this when you and your opponent are down to the last Pokemon. Also, it's unforgivable that if you lose once, you have to start over from the beginning of the gym. This seems appropriate, considering that the Save and Quit option doesn't actually SAVE IT when you turn it off. The only time you can save is when you beat the gym leader, although it's never implied! The announcer is also really annoying, with terrible lines such as "Gone, it's a one hit wonder!", and the kids club minigames are BORING.

In terms of graphics, the pokemon are so jaw dropping, you could make a waterfall!! The animations make it more pleasing to unleash destruction. The music is cheerful, and I like it.

It's not as fun as the Game Boy games, but Pokemon Stadium packs a punch. Even with it's flaws, I found it hard to stop playing this solid strategy game. Pokefans will definitely want this in their collections.