Great game

User Rating: 8 | Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 (Japan) N64
First off the first Pokemon game on a home console. Nintendo hit hard this one should be in everyone's game coolection of the N64. If you have two people that live in the same house that love Pokemon this is a must have. Now the single player could have some improvement on, but not going to complain. If you have red,blue,or yellow you can play them on the big screen with this game. You can also transfer your gameboy teams to kick some butt in the game. It is a pretty solid game to say the least. The mini games in the game are fun, but only for a short time. After you play all of them you would wish there was more added in the game. As for 2 player or more the game has no rivals as for Pokemon games.You pick all the 150 Pokemon except mew and mewtwo . The game should of made a better story and more to do cause I can seem boring fast but it's a good game. I give it a 8 out of 10!