Pokemon Stadium Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Amnesia Psyduck

    Register all 151 Pokemon in the Hall of Fame.

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

  2. Unlock R2

    If you beat all the cups and Gym Leader Castle, Mewtwo will appear. If you beat him, you'll get the harder R2.

    Contributed by: Locke130 

  3. Bonus Stickers

    After beating the R2 Mewtwo, go to the Gallery. Scroll down
    to ''Print'' and hold L and R. Print will become ''Bonus''.
    Press A to view the game backgrounds, which can be printed
    off at a Pokemon Snap station.

    Contributed by: Donald 

  4. Dodou speed mode

    Contributed by: DellfinGenoMallow 

  5. 2nd Title Screen

    Beat R1 Mode, and reload the game. In place of the title screen is a new one.

    Contributed by: Adori 

  6. Change your Pokemon's color!

    If you nickname your Pokemon in the Gameboy game and bring it into Stadium, it will have changed color depending on what you nicknamed it!
    This has NOTHING to do with shiny Pokemon, because they were not invented when Stadium was released.
    Possibilities range from an orange Pikachu to a seagreen Tentacruel.

    Contributed by: baconlabs 

  7. Dodrio Game Boy

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Pokemon Stadium round one. Dodrio Game Boy speed

    Contributed by: LinZ 

  8. Mini-Games: Hyper Difficulty

    You must win or tie 5 rounds in a row during a ''Who's The Best?'' mini-game championship against 3 CPU's on hard difficulty to unlock hyper difficulty mode.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Play "Who's The Best?" and win or tie 5 mini-games in a row against 3 CPU's on hard difficulty. Hyper Difficuly Mode

    Contributed by: Kirby Still On Top 

  9. Use Mew I round2

    First Beat Round1 and then when you Unlock R2 you can use Mew as a rental in R2 Prime Cup Battles.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Round1 and you can use Mew in r2 Prime Cup Battles Mew

    Contributed by: get out 

  10. Surfing Pikachu

    Put the Pikachu you started with in Yellow in your party for Round 2 Prime Cup Master Ball. You MUST USE THAT PIKACHU IN EVERY BATTLE of Round 2 Prime Cup Master Ball. After you defeat the final trainer, your Pokemon will be put in the Hall of Fame and Pikachu will learn Surf! You can now play the Surfing Pikachu Minigame in Yellow version as well.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Use your starting Pikachu from Yellow in every battle in Round 2 Prime Cup Master Ball Surfing Pikachu

    Contributed by: heroic_slb 

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