Pokemon Stadium 2 Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Getting a Magnemite that is Fire-Electric.

    Take one of the 2nd gen games (G/S/C), and put it in the transfer pack. Load up the game, and go to Oak's Lab. Put your magnemite into the storage. It should be an Electric Steel type. Now, turn off the game, and insert your 1st gen (R/B/Y) into the transfer pack. Go to Oak's Lab, and redownload the Magnemite. Save, turn off Stadium 2, and load your 1st gen. Your magnemite should be Electric-FIre type.

    Contributed by: harvestm0on_r0x 

  2. Infinite Continues Glitch

    Enter any battle and win the match, then suspend gameplay. Choose any of the Stadium Cups and you must receive at least one continue. If the battle ends in a loss, you can opt to suspend the game - you will be notified of an already-suspended game. When it appears, opt to "Continue without Suspending". You'll rematch the Trainer just fought, but without a lost continue.

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  3. Unlock Mew and Celebi as Rentals

    First beat Round1 and then you can use Mew and Celebi as Prime cup r2 rentals.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Round1 Celebi
    Beat Round1 Mew

    Contributed by: get out 

  4. Doduo and Dodrio Game Boys

    The Doduo Game Boy allows you to play the specified version at double speed. The Dodrio Game Boy allows you to play Red/Blue/Yellow version at quadruple speed, or Gold/Silver/Crystal versions at triple speed. When these are unlocked, you must press C-Right to change the speed.
    - When you unlock Dodrio Game Boy, it doesn't tell you that it is unlocked, even though it is.
    - When you play Gold/Silver/Crystal versions at least double speed, all colors will be shades of red, and the border will be missing.
    - If you haven't beat the Elite Four in the G/S/C versions, this will not work in your game until you do so.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat BOTH the Gym Leader Castle and all cups in Round 2 Dodrio Game Boy, G/S/C Versions
    Beat BOTH the Gym Leader Castle and all cups in Round 1 Dodrio Game Boy, R/B/Y Versions
    Beat the Gym Leader Castle OR beat all cups (including the Rival Cup) in Round 2 Doduo Game Boy, G/S/C Versions
    Beat the Gym Leader Castle OR beat all cups (including the Rival Cup) in Round 1 Doduo Game Boy, R/B/Y Versions

    Contributed by: Charizard06 

  5. Extra Continue

    Beat any trainer in Stadium Mode without any of your pokemon fainting to have a continue to use when you lose a battle

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat any trainer on any cup without any of your pokemon fainting to have an extra continue to use when you lose a battle Extra Continue

    Contributed by: speedster679 

  6. Pokémon Prizes

    First complete the Gym Leader Castle and Stadium all cups. Then you will unlock vs rival complete it to unlock Round 2. Beat round 2 Gym Leader Castle and then Round 2 Stadium to unlock round 2 vs rival.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Round 1 Vs Rival Farfetch'd That Knows Baton Pass
    Beat Round 2 Vs Rival Gligar that knows Earthquake

    Contributed by: Hildetorr 

  7. Unlock Kanto

    To unlock the Kanto gym leaders, defeat the Elite Four in Johto.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Elite Four Kanto

    Contributed by: Deathborn 668 

  8. Mini game very hard mode

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Play mini game champion mode with 7 tokens on hard mode. Place first then very hard mode will be unlocked. Very hard difficulty level

    Contributed by: Hildetorr 

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