User Rating: 10 | Pocket Monsters Ruby Version GBA
This game is the best pokemon game that I have ever played. It improves on all of the other ones so much. Graphics: The graphics in this game are amazing, and better than red/blue and silver/gold by alot. All of the pokemon look very good and detailed. Gameplay: This is a turn-based RPG game in which you go around capturing pokemon, and then you lvl them up and you try to earn badges from gym leaders, which are really hard pokemon trainers. Once you get all 8 badges, then you can fight the elite four, which are the bosses of the game. The game is very fun and very addictive. Sound: The sound is pretty much the same as the other pokemon games. The music is very good, and it gets stuck in your head easily. Value: This game is longer than pretty much every other GBA game that there is. I've spent over 100 hours playing this game, and I still have TONS of stuff left to do in it. This game is really long and will keep you playing for hours. Overall: Overall, this game is a must have. Whether you like pokemon or not, you will love this game if you love RPGs. It has hundreds of hours of gameplay, it's got great music, it's got great gameplay, and the graphics are amazing. If your looking for a game to get and can't decide, give this game a try.