very good but its starting to get repetative.

User Rating: 8.9 | Pocket Monsters Emerald GBA
in 1998 nintendo released pokemon blue and red wich were both very successful that they decided to bring out a remake called pokeom yellow it sold more than 2500 on its first day.So nintendo thought they should try something new so they did infact they tried 100 new thing which bwere 100 new pokemon these games were as all of us know called pokemon siver and gold which on there first day of sale sold more than 3250 copys.And then in March 2003 they released the new pokemon games called ruby and sapphirre these games sold massive amounts of copys however it was not as good as the expectations so during the development of fire red and leaf green nintendo thought if they could fix the errors of red and blue why not fix ruby and spphire and so they did. However the gme would of been a huge success if only it was the first video game set in hoen though the game is great it is also very repetative the games aftermath is exellent because of all the legendries and getting to chose a second starter out of cindaquil,chicorita or tododile.However before you battle the pokemon league the game is very boring.